LinhoffInterior designing and its health benefits

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When we talk about  interior design  we are talking about concepts that for most people (even in these times); symbolize merely aesthetic, expensive, and superfluous issues. However, interior design goes beyond achieving an aesthetic, harmonious, and pleasant environment. Even more so when the aesthetic is so variable according to the eye of the observer. A good interior design conceptualizes a space responding to the physical, emotional, functional, aesthetic, and economic needs of a person or group of people. It is by knowing the specific needs of the user that combined with the principles, design elements, own style, and experience, and we manage to transform spaces and improve the quality of life of its users, benefiting their physical and mental health. Several studies in psychology have concluded on the need for change present in the human being. With interior design and renovation of environments, these changes can be achieved. A differentiating air, environments with personality and authentic energy could be some of your results. We can use small details such as color changes in walls (color psychology), use of textures, restoration of floors and veneers, fitting out of balconies, ceilings, gardens, opening windows, an adequate selection and location of furniture and furnishings; and decorative elements that give us more comfort and harmony, generating feelings of relaxation, of balance with the environment and even of joy and harmony in the inhabitants. The first thing that motivates a person to act is the need to change and everything that is done to follow this purpose is inevitably reflected in their physical environment (home, office, place of study, etc.). The interior design of an environment is a process that presents the same steps of interior change in a person. "When we think about changing internally, we have to go through a process that requires attention, intention, and time to evolve and achieve those personal goals." In this confinement in which we find ourselves due to the covid-19 pandemic, we must pay greater attention to the design of our spaces and environments. Perhaps now we have to assess more the designs of flexible spaces that can be enabled for two or more activities. When flexible spaces and/or furniture are conceptualized and not improvised, also to functionality, we will have order, harmony, and aesthetics; which psychologically generates the expected well-being. However, I consider that the most important thing to contemplate and execute in our projects and always for the benefit of our health are three aspects: Natural cross ventilation To efficiently and quickly renew the air and thus avoid the transmission of viral agents such as covid-19 and the thermal stress generated by the concentration of heat. One possibility to generate correct cross ventilation is a good window design that allows the entry and exit of air. Natural light In addition, contributing to energy saving is important because it directly influences our health and mood. On the other hand, it helps to eliminate bacteria that grow in dark and humid environments; Some possibilities to generate natural light in our environments are a good design that allows light to enter specific areas (windows, ceilings, etc.), as well as a correct selection of color and/or materials. Know More about Interior Designing Services in Lucknow